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Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas of law, bringing a diverse background to the table. 
We have obtained multimillion dollar jury verdicts that garnered nationwide attention.  Our lawyer has handled large and complex cases with live television interviews on local media, CNN, nationwide print media, including USA Today, the WallStreet Journal, the Arizona Republic, the Daily Star, the Tucson Citizen, and others. 

A few of our jury verdicts and settlements:

$4.25 Million Jury Verdict:  DeVilbiss v. K.E. & G.  In a toxic exposure case the jury returned its verdict for $4.25 million to compensate a man exposed to large concentrations of hydrocarbons emitted from diesel fumes. 

$2.9 Million Jury Verdict:  Boydstun v. Hamilton Aviation  The jury returned its verdict for a whistleblower at an aviation repair facility for $2.9 million. 

$3.3 Million Jury Verdict:  Minium v. Pillar Communities  The jury returned a $3.3 million jury verdict in favor of our client after she was injured from a toxic mold exposure.  At the time of this verdict, this was the single largest personal injury verdict in a toxic mold case.

$125,000 Jury Verdict:  Moreno v. San Xavier Rock and Materials   The jury returned a $125,000 verdict in favor of our client in a wrongful discharge case brought because he was fired for pursuing a worker's compensation claim.  

$325,000 Jury Verdict:  Frank v. Oracle Properties   The jury returned a $325,000 jury verdict after our client was injured from a fall in a negligently maintained parking garage.   

$328,500 Jury Verdict:  Westbrook Investors v. Spencer   The jury returned a $328,500 jury verdict in a counter-claim by our client against her former employer.

Settlements:  In addition to jury verdicts the firm has successfully settled many cases for clients.  The key to our success is careful preparation, organization and an intense focus on developing your case.  Because we are a small firm, your case gets personalized attention and every detail is reviewed by the attorneys and staff.  This is critical to your success in the courtroom or at settlement.   

Confidential Settlement:  Balodis v. Pep Boys  In a case that garnered nationwide attention, Navy Petty Officer Balodis sued his 8 year employer Pep Boys when he was wrongfully terminated after being called to active duty post the September 11, 2001 attack on the world trade centers.   Settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement:  Daniels v. Catalina Investments  Mold and sick building exposure causing severe asthma resulting in the plaintiff's death.  Settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement:  Gleckler v. Meritage Homes  Child with pre-existent medical condition suffered mold and sick building exposure causing loss of vision and ultimately total blindness.  Settled for confidential amount.